Welcome to America

On Friday 18th January we went to the Viganò theatre with our schoolmates and teachers to watch a show “Welcome to America”. It was in English  language, but it was easy enough to understand everything.

The story starts with an Italian man who goes to America to look for a better life,to realize his American dream, so the first scene takes place in Ellis Island.

We have liked the show very much  because we could see many American places, pieces of history, culture and music and learn with fun about The Statue Of Liberty, Little Italy, Music played At The Diner, Cowboys, The White House and The President Abraham Lincoln; The first man on the Moon and Hollywood.

The costumes were hand-made and very beautiful, we especially appreciated the music and the video played on the screen to help the scenography of past time.  The actors were very good and quick to change their clothes.

We really enjoyed the show even if some parts were too long and a bit boring : it is nice that our school lets us do this kind of projects.

After the show we could interview one of the actors so he told us a lot of interesting things about his life and the drama career.

Classi 3A e 3C