Spettacolo in lingua inglese

La settimana scorsa alcune classi hanno assistito ad uno spettacolo in lingua inglese, appositamente studiato e realizzato per questo livello di studio. Il teatro Viganò si è trasformato nella Capitale della Gran Bretagna dove due amici trascorrono un weekend, superando gli ostacoli della lingua e apprezzando tante sfaccettature della cultura londinese.


On 17th January we went to the theatre to watch “I love London” in original English language. The story tells about the adventure of two friends: Charlie from Oxford and Antonio from Milan. They stay for a weekend in London where they do a lot of experiences and meet many famous people.
We really liked the show because it was easy to understand and very funny.
Azzurra M. – Emma F. – Francine A. – Gerard F.  (3C)

The show we saw at the  theatre Viganò tells the story of two friends, one from England and one from Italy. The Italian boy is welcome by the English friend who introduce him to London. They do many tours in the city  where they meet famous characters of history, literature and music.
The show was very interesting, the actors were very good and the English language easy to understand.
Julienne D. – Lamia H. – Leslie G.  (2A)

A few days ago we went to theatre Viganò to watch a show called “I love London” .
During the show the protagonists wanted to show us many areas of London. The actors were very good: they were only two and they played a lot of different characters . At the end there was an interview for our questions to one of them. It was very useful to improve our listening comprehesion and doubts about It.
Alessio M. – Elisa R. – Jean Karen S. (3A)